Being black in America means having to always fight for the respect that you deserve. Historically, being black in America has not been easy. And unfortunately, presently being a black in America has not been easy. It’s always a constant battle with getting that respect that you deserve. And of course, it’s way easier than it was 200 years ago or even 50 years ago. I also feel like being black in America means the future. I think that more and more blacks in America are knowing their potential and knowing what they are capable of and I just feel like over time the future is going to help us become more respected and so I feel like earning respect right now but I also feel like being black is the future. Not necessarily, we’re going to all be blacks but I do feel like us as a people, we’re just going to be even more empowered and we’re going to be less scared about anything, we’re going to hold more positions, and we’re, I hope, will be less oppressed. Unfortunately, I feel like outside of Black History Month, it’s just a lot more negative media, negative attention and I just feel like Black History Month, even though some people don’t agree with it, I do feel like it’s a celebration of being black and it reenergizes the black community every year and it’s positive media attention and it’s positive attention instead of negative attention. I’m a positive type of person, it’s my research and so I really value Black History Month for that reason.