Our latest episode of Eureka! focuses on food and love — how food can help you find love, how sharing food can be an act of love. Mizzou alumnus and professional foodie Theo Hahn gives tips on on how to woo a love interest with a well-planned meal. Mizzou alumna and professor of food writing Nina Furstenau explores the role food plays in our family and cultural identity and shares stories on the love cooked into Indian meals in her small-town Kansas childhood home. Rural sociologist Anne Cafer, a Mizzou alumna and University of Mississippi professor, talks about how witnessing and combatting food insecurity fed her love of a community in rural Ethiopia — and changed her life forever.

The University of Missouri podcast Eureka! explores real science, real discovery and real life at Mizzou and around the world. In each episode, we share stories culled from the experiences and accomplishments of Mizzou science and humanities researchers as well as students, alumni and community members.

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