dogs circling horse

Sally Crane Cox sits atop her horse as a pack of hounds circle around her after calling them during a fox hound demonstration as part of the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Benefit Show and Hunt Team Challenge on Saturday, June 27, 2015, at Redtail Ridge Farm in Johnstown, Ohio. © 2015 Joshua A. Bickel/ThisWeek Community News

Having called in the foxhounds, Sally Crane Cox presides over the circling pack during a no-quarry demonstration at the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Benefit Show in Johnstown, Ohio. Josh Bickel, MA ’09, Ohio News Photographers Association 2018 Photographer of the Year, captured the image. “I love the power of the still image,” says Bickel, who shoots for The Columbus Dispatch. “Whether I’m producing a portrait or documenting a subject, my goal is always to make a picture that informs the viewer while respecting the subject. These are not my stories, but I have the honor to share them.” In 2009, he edited and designed St. James: The People of Missouri’s “Forest City of the Ozarks,” a compilation of documentary photo stories from the 60th Missouri Photo Workshop. The workshop celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019. More: